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Xinhua News Agency, November 6th, 1998

Bulgaria Remembers Heroes Who Saved Jews from Nazi Death Camps

SOFIA (Nov. 6) XINHUA - Bulgaria's parliament Friday commemorated 43 former members who jointly saved 48,000 Jews from Nazi concentration camps in 1943.

Their heroic defiance of the German occupiers took place at the height of the holocaust which swept Europe in the wake of Hitler's armies, a solemn session of the National Assembly heard.

Assembly Chairman Iordan Sokolov told how then-Deputy Parliamentary Chairman Dimiter Peshev and 42 other members protested against an order to deport Bulgaria's Jews to the extermination camps.

The group organized a petition against the order and Peshev wrote to then-Prime Minister Bogdan Filov in protest, saying: "Such a move is inadmissible, not only because these people, being Bulgarian citizens, cannot be expelled from Bulgaria, but also because this would incur heavy political consequences for the country."

Sokolov told the session that the rescue of the Jews was one of the most honorable moments in modern Bulgarian history, the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency reported.

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  Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Bozhkov read a letter from Prime Minister Ivan Kostov, who was visiting Turkey, saying Peshev and the other 42 MPs had earned a place in world history and set a model for unity between the people and government.

The session also honored Italian journalist Gabriele Nisim with the Madara Horseman Order, first class, for his record of the event in his book, "The Man Who Stopped Hitler".

"No army in the world, no head of state or pope ever delivered such a heavy blow against the Nazis in their war against the Jews," said Nissim.

The session was also attended by Israeli Knesset (parliament) Chairman Dan Tichon, Israeli State Archives Director Moshe Moseck, Italian MPs and European Union representatives in Bulgaria.

Peshev will also be commemorated by the Italian parliament on November 17.

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