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ON 20 FEBRUARY 1973 a man named Dimitar Peshev was dying in a house in Neofit Rilski Street, Sofia. He played a more than significant part in saving the Jews of an entire nation: however he was soon forgotten by practically everyone.
In the
history of the Holocaust there is probably no similar case. Yet, Peshev's story was allowed to fall into oblivion even by survivors themselves.

Since 1998, thanks to the book "The Man who Stopped Hitler", by Gabriele Nissim, and to dozens of related events in Milan, Rome, Sofia, Strasbourg, Washington, Berlin, Jerusalem..., four Parliaments have recognized and officially commemorated Peshev and his courageous deed.

Look!October 2012. Facing our past, a conference organized in Sofia by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee to debate about the historical responsibilities of Bulgaria for the deportation of the Jews during the Holocaust. With the participation of scholars from Bulgaria, France, Macedonia and the US and members of the jewish community. Special rapporteur Gabriele Nissim
  • Project Proposal [pdf file]
  • Agenda [pdf file]
  • Moral greatness of Dimitar Peshev [pdf file], speech by Gabriele Nissim in Sofia
  • Bulgaria and the myth of innocence [pdf file], editorial by Gabriele Nissim
  •   Look!Kjustendil
    October 25 2002. A museum dedicated to Dimitar Peshev is inaugurated
    Look! photo gallery

    Look!May 2003. About a Foundation that never was and the role played by Boris III in saving Bulgarian Jews
  • Milan, Italy. An Open Letter [pdf file] to Bulgarian prime minister Simeone by Gabriele Nissim
  • Washington, DC. A speech [pdf file] and a letter [pdf file] by Israel Borouchoff

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    Enlarge the portrait National Assembly of Bulgaria Moni Ovadia
    A portrait of Dimitar Peshev by Alzek Misheff
    (85 kb)
    Sofia, December 5th 2000. An Assembly at the National Parliament, West Hall, marks the official inauguration of the Dimitar Peshev Foundation
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    A dramatized presentation by Moni Ovadia
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